Audio Karate

We formed in the mid 90s under the name “The Goonz” and changed our name upon signing to Kung Fu Records in 2001. (We got “Audio Karate” from a comment made in an interview by a member of the band No Knife.) In 2002, we released Space Camp (produced by Trever Keith of Face to Face) and toured heavily. Our single, “Nintendo ’89,” even made its way onto MTV and Fuse. (We still have no idea how that happened.) In 2004, we played a leg of the Vans Warped Tour and released our follow-up record, Lady Melody (produced by Bill Stevenson of Descendents). We went on hiatus in 2006, with members pursuing other musical projects, including the band Indian School, which features 3/4 of AK. Fast-forward to 2018: We’re back, and we have a special reissue of Space Camp on vinyl thanks to Wiretap Records and Hidden Home Records.